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Doggie Anti-Inflammatory with anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatment

Healing dose of anti-inflammatory herbs designed to relieve arthritis, orthopedic problems, and hip and joint pain in dogs. 100% natural, safe and effective herbal medicine for pain and anti-inflammatory effect in dogs. recipe for dogs was developed for orthopedic pain, arthritis, joint pain, dry joint, etc., with no side effects.

Doggie Herbs anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herb recipe for dogs was developed for orthopedic pain, arthritis, joint pain, dry joint, etc., with no side effects.

Doggie anti-inflammatory is 100% natural and works in the following conditions at once:  

  • Inflammation and pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Orthopedic pain
  • Hip and joint pain
  • Dry or crunchy joint

The advantage of herbal and natural inflammation and pain treatment: Many people prefer non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they are not the dog's liver and usually very good for the kidneys. Most natural approaches are usually, oral herbs or oils, although external ones are also used products. These natural medicines have no side effects. 

Doggie Anti-Inflammatory includes: Jiang Huang / Curcumin / Medical Curcumin. 
Jiang Huang and its active ingredient curcumin have anti-inflammatory consistency studied over many years. This is most common with inflammation The herb used also due to the positive effects on the liver and blood circulation improvement.

Yan Hu Suo / Corydalis: Corydalis (in Estonian) was a breakthrough in the scientific and pharmaceutical industry in 2013–2014, when many treatment cases showed a loaf dose that could effectively treat patients' pain and reduce inflammation. You do not need a prescription and with others to take a dose useful herbs have an even stronger effect on the body's susceptibility. 

Yu Jin / Curcumin: Yu Jin is Jiang Huangiga a similar species, both are curcumin plants. These two herbs have livers benefit, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation functions. 

Hong Hua / Safflower: Safflower is widely a herb used to relieve pain, support blood circulation, and nourish muscle cells through the blood (providing healing and pain relief). Although it is expensive herb does not need to be used much to get an effective result. This light flower provides rapid relief and is essential in interaction with other herbs with the herbs in the composition, the effect is effective in a short time.

Overview of Doggie anty-inflammatory effects: Chronic or acute in case of inflammation and pain. Does not damage the dog's liver or digestion, such as synthetic drugs do it. 

Effect: Reduces inflammation, prevents the formation of blood clots, and at the same time preserves blood coagulation factors increase blood circulation, accelerates the healing process, and relieve pain. 

The product contains: 100 g of laboratory-tested herbal powder and comes with a 1 g scoop. 

Dosage and ingredients: Dosing is by weight daily. Can be used at any time as needed. Instructions for administration are provided on the product. 

Laboratory tested ingredients of 100% herbs: Jiang Huang / Turmeric Rhiz, Hu Zhong, Bushy Knotweed, Yu Jin / Turmeric Mugu, Dan Shen / Salvia Root, Dang Gui / Angelica Chinensis, Bai Shao / Peony Alba, Shu Di Huang / Rehmannia prep, Tao Ren / Peach Kernel, Chuan Xiong / Ligustison, Mu Dan Pi / Muton Cortex, Zhi Zi / Gardenia, Yan Hu Suo / Corydalis. Both raw and whole in the herbal extract.